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2016 Shelby Gt350R 7.32.19 Nurburgring Lap


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from the article:

Horsepower Kings claims the 2016 Shelby GT350R has recorded a staggering 7:32.19 lap time around the Nurburgring. If confirmed (and take this with a grain of salt), it will make the Shelby GT350R more than five seconds faster over the Camaro Z/28's 7:37.40 lap time.


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So you think the Ford GT350R will be substantially under $75K? I don't think so. And I thought Ford was hyping it as a track car, not a muscle car?


SHELBY® GT350 & GT350R MUSTANG– Key Items

· Preliminary Launch Timing – Vehicle will go on sales late in 2015

· Allocation methodology - We will communicate allocation and production volumes and timing in the second Quarter of 2015

· Shelby Dealer Enrollment - Will be announced by January 28

· Vehicle Price – We will have more pricing details closer to launch

· Customer Deposits – At this time we believe it is premature for dealers to request or accept deposits until allocation methodology is finalized and communicated

· Vehicle Specs - High-level overview can be found in the attached document. More specific performance information will be provided in the second Quarter of 2015

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