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Intercooler Fluid Not Even Warm


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After a 220 mile trip yesterday, I opened the intercooler water tank and felt the water and it was not even warm. Fluid is pumping though the system well. Background: It was a 55 degree day and I never really got into the supercharger. Pretty much drove conservatively. Does this water temp sound normal?


While I am thinking about it; it would be nice to have a temp gauge for the IC water temp, and maybe a light to indicate when IC water pump is on (or off).

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Are you running a stock heat exchanger or do you have an aftermarket one with fans?


Below 70* outside, mine only gets warm (I'm running a C&R HE). My tune switches the pump and fans on about 30 seconds after I start the car. As summer temps hit, it gets much warmer and it gets hot at peak summer temps.


If you are running a stock HE (no fans), I would expect the IC coolant not too get very hot if the car is moving...air moving over the HE cools the liquid coolant. If you idle for a few minutes with the pump moving, you should notice the liquid getting warmer.


A tuner (SCT X3 or X4) can graph\datalog the temps for you.

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