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Backup Camera

clayton shelby

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Almost all of the self-dimming mirrors are made by Gentex. They have one with a backup camera integrated. They do not sell direct check on line for resellers. Mito corp is the one I got mine from. Amazon.com has them too. These usually come with a rather generic harness with enough cable to reach around the windshield trim to the fuse box (but not always!). They tell you to go to the fuse block and either find an unallocated fuse or to use a saddle fuse. If you can find the wiring diagram for your vehicle's overhead compartment you may be able to find a live wire and switched wire in that compartment. DO NOT TRUST A VOLTMETER. Many systems now contain a "dimmed voltage" to those lights so what reads 12V might go from 0 to 12, and that would not work.


I bought my mirror from Ford for my Shelby GT and it came with a Ford harness. I liked it so much I got one for my truck and it was generic. The one I got for my Mustang was the dimmer with home link (garage door opener) plus thermometer. Since my truck already had that I just got the garage door plus dimming. They since added the backup camera stuff into the mix.

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