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It has a reserve on it. Will be interesting to see how it goes. Hopefully it get's there. Since now we know that 001 is one of the 4 manuals. I wonder if it's 002-004 are the others? Someday we will know.

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The wheels shown in the photos for 001 appear to be 18" polished wheels. The car used by CS and his guys in Vegas that was sold earlier in 2014 with 70K+ miles also had these polished wheels, but that can easily be explained considering the use and other mods this car was given. Out of all the other exec cars I've seen including super low mileage ones they have all had the same 17" painted wheels as the rest of the GT-H cars.

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Correct. The 18" polished wheels first appeared on the 2007 California Special.



Ok, Steve, finish the story :lol: , were these wheels some early pre-production wheels on this car or were they added later? Fine....same question on the brake calipers....also what else is different....???

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