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Csx00822 Is Not A Shelby American Built Cobra

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Well after receiving 10 phone calls so far and probably more to come, it's best to get something out in the digital world that the wrecked fiberglass kit car-replica-clone-tribute Cobra currently for sale on the internet is NOT an authentic Shelby built Cobra.


Folks just because someone attaches a REPRODUCTION plaque stating the car was built by SAI in Los Angeles California doesn't mean a darn thing other than someone other than SAI attached a reproduction plaque onto the car. In fact the Los Angeles location should tip you right off as SAI did not build any fiberglass cars between the years 1962-1967 in Los Angeles.


Lets hope whomever buys this wrecked kit car knows what they're buying because so far 10 people think they won the lottery and found an authentic Shelby Cobra for pennies.



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