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Optic Armor Windows

Kevin Patten

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Started working on the windows today. Yes there is a lot of fitting that has to be done to put them in. Spent about two hours sanding and fitting the two rear side windows in place and then was able to start drilling the holes for the rivets. They're in place and ready to seal and finish. Need to use a number 11 drill bit for the 3/16" rivets. I'll finish off the side windows tomorrow and then start working on the rear window and straps.

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I'm thinking of using Plexus as a cleaner for the lexan - anyone have any other suggestions ?

I know this is an old thread but wanted to clarify, all you need to clean our windows is a standard glass cleaner such as windex or invisible glass. Plexus will just smear around on the our windows due to our applied hard coating. Thanks guys!

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