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Corvette Story...but I See A Kr.

Alcan KobRa

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Totally agree that anyone is fooling themselves if they think putting a tip on the dash keeps valets from enjoying a great car like a corvette or a Shelby while unsuspecting (or suspecting) people are enjoying their own dinner, show, whatever. That tip is completely wasted money...potentially spent on gas for an extended joyride (I'm joking at least right there). I'm a pessimist or a realist, but I'm fine either way and I use that sense to protect my car as best I can.


I do think this valet mode is a great thing and even better is that the guy said he actually tells valets that the car has that feature. Nobody wants to get recorded doing something that they presumably would think will get them fired...Not even kids working at fast food restaurants, right? ;)

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