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Meet The King Of Cobras.

David Hawkins

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I have always heard about Lynn Parka and his Cobras. Would very much appreciate the opportunity to meet the man some day. I would very much love to look at that storage facility. The cars would be fabulous to look at but I bet the photos and décor he has in his storage facility would rival the cars.



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As some of you know, several Muscle Car Horders will be selling off a LOT of their Vehicles in the next few Months, about 400 or more will be going to the Auctions. Some of you know that I stated that I think that the Mass dumping of Muscle Cars in such a short period of time will result in Low Prices, after all, why bid high dollars when there will be another one being sold in a few minutes. I truely believe that since there will be so many flooding the Auctions in a matter of a couple of Months that the Vehicles will NOT bring what they would have 1, 2 or 3 Years ago.


OK, with that said, if Lynn were do do the same thing, sell off his intire collection of 50 Cobras at BJ or RM, do you think that each one will bring the Dollar amount that the really should bring if they were sold off one at a time 6 to 12 Months apart? Personally, I don't, I think the price will be way down..

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