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Will 2011 Gt350 Outperform 2014 Hellcat?

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Outperform how? 1/4 mile will be close (if talking the 624hp version of GT350), edge probably to the Hellcat now that I've driven both, but that's not what the SAI GT350 was built for. Road course, not a chance. I've driven the 624hp GT350 on the track in Vegas. I've only driven the Hellcat now on the street, but can tell, while Chrysler did a heck of a job making this monster handle really well, it would not stand a chance on the track against the GT350. With equal suspension work (drop it to the ground, and stiffen the heck out of it) and good tires, would be a decent race probably, but not in stock form. Also assume that you meant a 2015 Challenger Hellcat (not a Charger), there is no 2014.

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