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Speedometer Help

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Hey Guys,


I was thinking about moving to a bigger tire. I have a SCT tuner with a custom tune from JPC on the car already. Now its been a while since I used the SCT tuner and don't want to put it on the car in case I accidentally mess up the tune somehow. I know the speedometer can be recalibrated using the SCT tuner. I don't remember if you can just go on the tuner and go to one of the menus to sync the tire size to help recalibrate the tuner or do you have to get a whole new tune (in my case a new tune from JPC) to recalibrate the speedometer. I have only used the Tuner once and I really didn't even use it, I watched the JPC tech use it. Any help on this would be appreciated.


Thank you for your time,




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