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My 2014 Sema Photos


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Well, this seems to be the place where they are going so I will just continue.

I went yesterday and today. It's taking a while to sort through the stills. I will wrap them up tomorrow. But I did get two videos. Once again I'm without the proper equipment. On Thursday we went through the exhibits. Today I finished the middle core and went outside for the last 1-1/2 hours to wander around the entire outside Ford area. I caught a few videos on my cell phone because I forgot my GoPro or D300s (D700 for stills is still the best).

Ford had the Miller racing guys doing drifting in the parking lot... They had two cars with a passenger swap.


They were shutting down for the afternoon (the show closes at 16:00 on Friday) and then they brought out the big guns.... Hillbank Motors/Superformance closed the afternoon with two Cobras bringing Ford execs on their rides

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Hate to drool over the Lamborghini, but...... :drop: Its a strange thing though, inside and out.

Actually there are some butt-ugly vehicles in those pictures. Wonder if that is catching on? :hysterical:

Now, is there a way I can get a giant garage decal of the King Cobra snake logo?

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