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Question About Exchast


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Hey guys I have a 2012 Shelby GT500 and everything is stock, I don't want to buy a whole exhaust system I wanted to piece by piece besides I have warranty still on my Shelby my question is what should I go away I wanted to have a little bit more Romo when I take off eventually I will change out the headers and stuff like that if I go just mufflers for right now what kind of muffler should I get in since were on the topic will cut a pipe should I get if it's not too much trouble I need a breakdown of different parts to make my exhaust thanks guys for the help

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Wait until you have the $$$$ to do it right the first time around. Doing a little here and there will cost you more money in the long run and if a muffler shop says otherwise they're lying

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This can be difficult to answer since noise-level is very subjective. Some like it quiet, others loud, and some even like obnoxious. Changes to certain exhaust components will have different effects on the overall sound of your exhaust. Generally speaking, most changes increase the sound. Some will add rumble to the idle, others will increase the sound at cruise, and all will increase sound at WOT. I will give you my experience and I hope this helps your decision making process.


When my '12 Shelby was bone stock the exhaust was fairly mellow. A bit tame for a car like this. The low hanging fruit is to add an axle-back system to enhance the sound. I chose the Roush axle-backs for three reasons (in order of importance): 1. The sound, 2. cost, 3. looks. I can tell you that they are amazing mufflers and take your exhaust from tame to aggressive. Awesome at start-up, great idle, AWESOME at WOT, and decel is music to my ears. I couldn't believe how much these changed a completed stock exhaust.


Fast forward to a whole bunch of mods. I put ARH LT's and H-pipe and the sound went from aggressive to obnoxiously loud. It really made the car sound like a REAL race car. Now, that sound PO'd many of neighbors but boy was it mean. It was an attention grabber and idle was absolute music to my ears. With that said, the obnoxious part of my exhaust was a little too much for my liking. I actually put the stock mufflers back on and it really brought the noise level down. I went from one extreme to the other. So I'm going to be trying out some Corsa Sports to see if that will be the sweet spot.


Long story, short is - if you don't intend to do any other exhaust upgrades then a Roush will be a great choice to take your exhaust to the next level. However, as others have noted, if you are going with a h/x-pipe then I would look at Borla S, Corsa Sport, or Magnaflows. Again, you will have to decide on what is pleasing to your ears.


Shameless plug: I have the Roush's for sale if you're interested.


Good luck on your search for the exhaust sound that pleases your senses.

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