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Raptor Exhaust

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You don't have to own a Shelby Raptor to answer this


Want to know what you current Raptor owners have on yours for exhaust system and what you may not like about it?


My Raptor will be here in a week and yes I've listened to Raptors with different exhaust systems on youtube but I'd like to get the negative feedback as well as good


I had a full Magnaflow setup on my 2008 Shelby GT/SC and ended up changing it as it seemed to be getting more quiet then when first installed. Raptor will not be daily driver so not concerned with interior hum but don't want it too loud inside truck. I got ripped on it saying the exhaust on my 2013 GT350 Conv. with top up or down was too loud and for a Conv. and it is so I drank my glass of milk and got use to it. The Raptor will make more long distance drives so I'm asking owners to avoid getting too loud exhaust sound inside.


The Magnaflow, Borla, and Kooks all sounded good but was surprised that Flowmaster had the best sound


any thoughts?

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I had a custom exhaust put on mine,so after a lot of try outs I settled for a Thrush muffler and a twin tip set up on both sides of the rear bumper.


It not only looked real cool but the rumble was definitely the best,minimal interior noise but a worthy addition to my Raptor.


And yes my 590hp Roushcharger could still be heard!!!!

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