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Update to GT_350's GT-350

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This ones for crispy23c......................


OK Here's the mission.


Weekend at Camp Steeda with the SVTOA at Sebring International Raceway.


3.7 mile Road Course, high speeds on the straights (I saw 125 M.P.H.+) so this will be killer on the brakes what to do, what to do.....




Be able to go all out (for me anyway) all weekend and not worry about stopping. Don't want to ditch the wheels and tires (Shelby CS66's and Nitto NT-555's) to put on bigger brakes.


So what to do.............


I called Agent 47 http://www.agentfortyseven.com/home.html (see Grassroots Motorsports Magazine website http://grmotorsports.com/news/index.php?s=mustang ((scroll halfway down to read article)) and this months printed issue, June 2007 for detailed install of the kit) about installing brake cooling ducts on a new Mustang GT. However I have the Shelby/California Special front fascia on my '06 GT and they did not make a cold air duct for this fascia now Cory at Agent 47 related if I could wait a couple of weeks he would be able to do a fast prototype and send me the result!


When he said that I was like do it!


So this is what I got....




There is also a template so you can cut a hole in the lower part of the fascia.




This is where the ducts will go




This is behind the two lower fake black grills so if you later remove the kit you can reinstall the two lower pieces and not see the holes.


Here's a close-up of the scoops (flash highlighted dust which wiped off revealing a very nice matte black)




Note tabs which use the factory mounting points.




After install, a couple of hours, wheels, rotors/calipers and dust shield have to be removed to install kit...... can be done in your garage with basic hand tools.......I did it.......jacks and stands are required.......




Note: You don't see the white like you see in this photo, it's just because of the angle I took the picture.


In the paddock at Sebring......Just think of the great drivers that have been here Ken Miles, Dan Gurney,....




At speed on the front straight......




Now did they work? All the mags berate the Mustangs brakes as prone to fade after a couple of panic stops.......


So I had Hawk HP Plus pads and Brembo LCF 600 brake fluid along with the Agent 47 ducts and I can tell you the car stopped just as hard at the end of a 20 minute track session as it did the beginning.


Do you need a big brake kit? Yes, if you have a power adder, can you keep your stock brakes and calipers on a N/A car, yes....... with a way to draw off heat from the rotors.


So if you have a big brake kit you use this as added insurance to draw off heat and use this if you would like to keep the stock parts alive.......


Now for a pro/con on why I went with this kit and not the Steeda, Shelby or Ford Racing kits.


- Steeda's kit is designed for their fascia, they have the "scoops" in the fascia for their kit. You could you use it on your stang yes be you don't get the "ram effect".


- Shelby's Kit Hole drilled in lower fascia no "Scoop" no "ram air" effect.


- Ford Racing.... $1,199.00 are they kidding? looks like the Shelby kit but no front screen like the Shelby kit, but it is the offical part off of the FR500 race car.... No Picture.....


No I don't work for Agent 47 and I paid full price...

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Thanks for the update, GT_350!!!

I had to know, you know??? I will forever have a soft spot for the GT350s.....and you have done a nice job on your tribute to it.

Those brake ducts look perfect!!! Nice documentation for us gearheads, too! Pics came out very good, and the kit looks great to boot. Wonder if they'll show up on an official one some day..... ;)

You are a lucky dog, getting to Sebring and all. Your car looks quite sweet, all GT 350'd.

So you got the Shelby GT fever? Don't forget to add a S/C to your order, from what I hear it is quite sick (in a GREAT way). Keep us informed on that one, too!



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