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Differential Noise At Cruise Speed


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Hello there,

The noise is from the differential (AXLE) under car when you are cruising you can hear a very loud whining.


I owned a 2013 GT500 and had the same noise, but never bother to ask anyone as it was not so pronounced MAYBE.


Now I decided to ask you guys out there if you find the same, so I can clear my mind.


Appreciate any input.




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Lots of reports on the gear whine for the 13-14 MY cars, I suspect that having the gears replaced would be a band aid, and the symptoms would eventually come right back after some spirited driving. Either way, at least take it to Ford to have it documented and diagnosed.

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The clearance between the pinion and ring gear teeth. I'm sure the parts themselves are high quality but may be assembled on the more reliable side (noisy) of the specs due to the high powered design of the drivetrain.


And that might very well be the case. Interestingly enough, many of the people who are experiencing this problem are having it ocurr after several thousand miles. Mine started at about 1400 miles.

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Just scheduled an appointment with FORD to see the issues of:


1- Squeaky body/control arms noise under driver's side at low speeds

2- Differential/power train whining noise when in cruise


Service depto. advised that if car has a tune/CAI, it voids warranty!


Is that correct? as these are not related to engine?


Thanks all,


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