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2008 Charging Issue


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Got my new Shelby ...(well new to me)...two weeks ago and got to drive the 20kms home.....was still smiling the next day. :)


Went for a Sunday drive and ended up stranded on the side of the road.


"Check Charging System" light came on then battery light ...then 10mins down the road all went down hill pretty fast and died completely...after reading any forum I can find seems pretty common so purchased brand new battery...new 200amp PA Alternator...installed all parts and worked great.(showed 14.6Volts...dropped to 13.5v constant after 90secs.. and putting out 90amps at idle...up to 130amp at 2500rpm).


After turning off car and restarting after 3 mins...voltage reads 12.3v and drops 0.4v after 2mins and ammeter show 0amps...so alternator is not getting signal from pcm to turn on !!...however after turning it off and disconnecting the negative battery cable for 10mins...then reconnecting it and restarting...all is well again.(voltage lifts to 14.6v and drops back to steady 13.5 volts..Until you turn off car.


Only way to get alternator running each time is to disconnect the battery terminal for 5-10mins...(which I assume is clearing the PCM memory)..makes for a very long trip every drive.


Have take to a Auto electrician and he says there is a fault code P0****..something about a field generator..I just can't remember what he said....I have ordered a PCM code reader...(I'll update when I get the exact code)

I'm over in Perth Australia....so no dealer here has any clue ??? Thanks in advance.

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Yeh I'm leaning that way as well....left the battery out last night....put it back in and started car and ALT kicked in ...but running at 15.4v....went for 35mile drive.


Stopped to check with engine running ....still charging at 15.4v......turned off car.


Started again after 5 mins....within secs "check charging system" came on....no ALT running again :(


Any one else have problems with new PA Peformance 200amp Alternator ??

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That alternator has great ratings at American Muscle - http://www.americanmuscle.com/paperformance-ho-alternator-0510gt.html#customer-reviews-section

but that doesn't mean that there might be some bad eggs out there...

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Ford service manual for a p0662 code - Hope this helps

Pinpoint Test B: The Charging System Warning Indicator is On and Any Charging System DTC Stored

Refer to Wiring Diagrams Cell 12, Charging System for schematic and connector information.

Normal Operation

With the engine running, the charging system warning indicator is off. The Sense A circuit 35 (OG/LB) to the generator field coil is 13-15 volts. This voltage feedback is used by the regulator to maintain the battery voltage at the desired setpoint. The S (stator) circuit (internal to the generator) is used to monitor generator operation. This circuit and other regulator internal conditions are checked by the regulator to allow the PCM to turn off the charging system warning indicator by sending a message over the controller area network (CAN) bus to the instrument cluster (IC). The positive battery output (B+) circuit 2037 (RD) is the generator output voltage supplied to the battery and electrical system.

This pinpoint test is intended to diagnose the following:

  • Generator
  • IC
  • PCM

PINPOINT TEST B : THE CHARGING SYSTEM WARNING INDICATOR IS ON AND ANY CHARGING SYSTEM DTC STORED NOTE: Make sure battery voltage is greater than 12.2 volts prior to carrying out this pinpoint test. NOTE: Do not have a battery charger attached during vehicle testing. B1 CONFIRM THE BATTERY CONDITION
Is the battery OK?

Yes GO to B2. No CORRECT the battery condition and GO to B2.
  • Check fuse: BEC 43 (10A).

Is BEC 43 (10A) OK?

Yes GO to B3. No REPAIR circuit 35 (OG/LB) and INSTALL a fuse. INSPECT PCM and engine ground circuits and make sure they are securely attached. CLEAR the DTCs. REPEAT the self-test. TEST the system for normal operation.
  • Ignition OFF.
  • Inspect generator C102B, B+ circuit 2037 (RD) connection. Connection should be tight.
  • Measure the voltage between generator C102B, B+ circuit 2037 (RD) and ground.
  • A0075054_250.JPG

Is generator C102B connection tight and does the generator B+ measure battery voltage?

Yes GO to B4. No TIGHTEN the generator B+ connection or REPAIR the circuit. CLEAR the DTCs. REPEAT the self-test. TEST the system for normal operation.
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Saw this from Grabber and it appears to have several sections even electrical. Looks somewhat difficult to navigate but maybe this will help. This site starts off in Engine assy., but you can go back to electrical areas.


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  • 4 weeks later...

Thanks to everyone for reply's....turns out to be faulty PA alternator....ordered a new one from Shelby...works great :)


Now we'll see how I go with PA and American Muscle for warranty ???....Update.... PA and AM are amazing ... processed a request for credit in less than 24hrs.... recommend these guys to all !!!!


They defiantly stand behind there products !!


Great to be behind the wheel again....after 2 months almost forgotten how much of a smile it puts on your dial when the roar starts. :yahoo:

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