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Cs 8 Grill With Shelby Lettering On An 07' Sgt

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I have the grill, grill housing, SHELBY lettering and lettering backing plate. I understand that the lettering is mounted on the front of the grill with the pins inserted through the grill and the backing plate behind the grill. Then the flat friction fasteners hold it all together.


Is this correct?


If so tell me this....


The pins hit the grill grid in various places which makes it difficult if not impossible to achieve the goal here.


1. Do you use a Dremel drill and drill out the places in the grill where pins hit?


2. Can you just attach the lettering to the backing plate and mount that on the front of the grill and grey the same effect or does it look tacky>


Frustrated trying to do tho and need help from someone in the know and has done . there are other SGT's that have done this so any help is appreciated.


Picture attached shows how it will look when completed.


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I wouldn't drill the grille to try and make those pins fit. When I first received mine I was as gentle as could be and immediately broke off a pin because they just do not line up with the supplied template. I snipped off and filed down each pin off of each letter, and I then I used super strong 3M double-sided tape for extreme outdoor heat that I purchased at Home Depot. I cut off a long enough strip and laid each letter onto the tape to allow it to set up and stick. Then I took a nice sharp X-acto knife and like a surgeon I trimmed off all of the excess tape from each letter. Then with the use of blue painters tape I carefully made a line on the grille dead-center left and right as well as top and bottom, and peeled off the backing of each letter and carefully applied. It came out perfect and beautiful.


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Got totally pisszzzed over this whole mess and in the heat of an angry moment, I cut/snipped off what pins were left and used a hot glue gun to mount the letters directly on the grille. Used the backing plate for alignment and kept it for future use.


IMHO, Shelby parts knew these parts did/do not work together. But, since they never said they would, I cannot complain. Only those of us who like this look can appreciate the pain and suffering of the challenge, and the pleasure of triumph.


Y'all be safe.

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