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Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas Ride & Drive


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Hey there everyone!



As I'm sure you all know, Barrett-Jackson is in Las Vegas this weekend! Shelby American is set up in the Ford Ride-&-

Drive area again this year, so if you're around be sure to come down and get an unforgettable ride in a Shelby!



If you can't make it, you don't have to miss out on all the fun... We're trying something new this year - a live video feed of in-car footage! This will be our first attempt at this, so we wanted to give you Team Shelby members a chance to check it out and let us know if this would be something you'd like to see more of. We have some very special things planned in the next few months, and we'd love to let you all be a part of it!



Check out our You-Tube page at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFw5ji3WjhqiRQHGnVmqCzw, and on Saturday (tomorrow) at 1pm PST, tune in to see what it's like in the backseat of our Shelby GT/SC! We'll be sure to post the direct link to the live feed when it's available, so look back to this thread for that.



We welcome and encourage all feedback - please let us know what you think in the comments! :victory:

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Thats cool.


When will SAI do Live Feeds of the Shop so we can watch Cars getting built? I asked Amy B. this a while back and got the run around.

With privacy concerns that will probably not happen. Note that the ticket to BJ specific allows the use of your image for any use


And Amy B was more than a while back :)

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I don't post here very often but I'm excited we are able to bring you this live video stream. This event is actually our first test of some new equipment and our ability to make this happen. Our testing has gone very well thus far but we worry about available cell strength in the middle of the busiest day of the event. No way to test that in advance, so we go into this with fingers crossed. There is also a chance of inclement weather but hopefully it passes us by before we start our broadcast. Wish us luck!


I have embedded the video on the ShelbyAmerican.com home page but be sure to subscribe to Shelby Media on YouTube - that's where we'll be publishing all our future videos. We welcome your comments on YouTube, tell us what you liked and what you didn't so we can get better at this.

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Yep, the bandwidth is what got us. There was no way to know beforehand whether that would be an issue and we were hoping for the best. We'd be okay for a few seconds while sitting still then would lose the stream as soon as the car started moving. We ended up with a total of about 8 1/2 minutes and most of those were before 1pm. We 're going to continue working on this and maybe we can find a way to make it work, like relaying signal to our hauler or using multiple devices bonded together for a better bandwidth scenario.


There is a silver lining though. We were able to record from 3 angles and we'll be able to make that into a video for our YouTube channel. We're also working on some time-lapse videos so look for that coming up on our YouTube channel.

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