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Hi guys, So i have owned my 08 GT500 for about 6 months now and i thought i would do a full owners review. I will break up my review into a couple of different sections.


About me:

I am in the 20-24 age bracket, Currently a full time student. When i was looking for a car i was looking for something that had both looks and power and a daily driver, i am one of those guys that go to local car meets and such. I ended up having to choose between a Modded Evo 10 or a Stock 2008 GT500. I ended up with the GT500 mostly because of the Shelby Prestige and the RWD.


About the Car:

I Purchased a 2008 GT500 Vista Blue/ White Stripes, I am the second owner and it had 42,200 miles upon purchase. The car was in perfect condition upon receiving it and has all the TBS up to date including clutch.


OK, here is where the review starts:

The first thing i am gonna say about this car is that it is extremely roomy inside. I am 6"4 and my head has plenty of room still, The seats are very comfortable and have all the adjustable functions that you would need, the Shift knob is in the perfect location and doesn't feel like its awkward. The materials/looks/feeling of the interior itself is a bit disappointing. I think the car could have been improved in those aspects but to be fair its more of a sports car than luxury. The one thing i did not test before buying the car, The CD Player did not work and currently still doesn't work which is annoying, i can live with it though. The stock Audio system "shaker 500" is good, but a little more bass would make it perfect. The car can comfortable fit 4 people, i often have a full car when i go out with friends.


Now for the fun part, The driving experience. Now i admit, i have not driven many cars, but The Shelby is just God like when it comes to pure power. never have i ever once had trouble with keeping up with anything. I have really really bad habits when i drive my car, I am just "trigger happy" i cant seem to keep my foot off the gas its just so much fun, this also results me in having to fill the car up all the time... I read many reviews that say... "o a mustang cant turn"... i really don't understand this statement at all... Note, i have never been on any racing course or track, but for street purposes the handing is acceptable, i would go as far and say its perfect. The car is so easily controllable... I often find myself drifting around corners at stops because its just so easy and fun to do. Let me point out that I'm not a street racer, i don't go out looking for people and such, i have no tickets or anything... i do admit to redlight races tho but it cant be helped. anyways back to the car.


Now lets talk about some mechanical things, as of recently, shift to my reverse gear causes a grind, now it is avoidable by shifting to 4th than reverse but it is an annoyance of somewhat. my Ford Warranty expired 1-2 months before the problem occurred and it doesn't really bother me enough to spend money to fix it. The engine is perfect, Ford really did take it to another level. The engine is BulletProof, I redline all the time. never once has the car had any engine related issues.


The Car is currently 46600 miles and it is running strong, I must admit i really push my Shelby on every drive but i am a firm believer that these cars are meant to be enjoyed.



Anyways I'm curious to read all your Owner Reviews. BTW i know my review sucks and i missed things...


P.S. Cleaning the car is a mission.




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May I suggest: I owned a Torch Red/racing stripe delete for more than 3.5 years. For me that's truly amazing! Why did I keep it so long? Great great car. Bullet proof. Never let me down.


First, if you're going to keep it for any length of time, work on the suspension first; then the engine. Mine started with KW V3's. Then, LCA's and a dual adjustable UCA. New bushings everywhere I could r&r one (sways and lower control arms). Then a set of upper mounts and c/c plates with a full 4 wheel alignment. Tires: I ran Conti KDW's. Good for this car. THE SECRET: A Watts Link kit from Whiteline Racing for <$1K. Gotta have one. A good brake fluid flush and EBC Red Stuff pads with Stillen cross-drilled rotors ($400 for all four corners!).


The engine: Kooks headers with H-pipe, JLT 123mm CF CAI, 2.6" pulley with an all-inclusive tune netted me $640HP at the flywheel. That's a new Mustang 5.0 pushing EACH rear wheel. Never challenged; never beaten.


Change your oil and filter every time you can divide the odometer equally by 5 (15K, 20K, 25K, etc.).


Good luck.

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"Torch Red....Racing Stripe Delete.....Bullet Proof.......truly amazing great, great car.......never let me down".........Bruce49, I think I bought your old car?? HA! HA!

As for BulletPROZ, you should feel fortunate for owning such an iconic car as a Shelby GT500 at such a young age........some of us had to wait 60 years before experiencing such power and prestige. And you're right, they are a great street-driving machine with the handling and power that makes me smile every time I take it out, but with it based on a common Ford Mustang, not everyone sneers at you or tries and race you at every stop, which is really nice after trading off my Corvette which was just the opposite. I don't run mine that hard with only an occasional blast through the gears getting on the highway, but I like the reliability and solid feeling you get when cruising around. Having the name "Shelby" attached to the car is just a HUGE added PLUS !! Mine was lucky enough to have the hand-signed plaque on the dash. This was my idea of an old mans' retirement car :)

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@Bruce49... Did you install new sway bars for the front and back?? Mine are both stock and my bushings are almost work out. I'm thinking of getting the BMR sway bars or Steeda. I've owned m car for 2 months now,I'm 28,I've been lucky to get one. I have similar mods to what you mentioned. I have the oval Monoblade throttle body,Kooks LT headers with a 3" catted H-Pipe with the FR500 mufflers. I also have the Metco 2.6" pulley. I just got a 91 Octane tune. ??????

Best car I've ever had. The only problem I have is with my interior door panels,both doors are peeling,the glue is useless!

Does anyone know where I can find headlights for a good price??

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