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New Wheels, 20 Inch


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Just had our local Mustang show and have the bug for new wheels. My car is a 2014 Shelby with SVT package, 19's front and 20's rear. Got new Super Sport tires this spring, stock size 265 and 295 in back. Saw several really nice Shelby's with 20's in front and it looks great. Would I go with a 20 by 9 inch on the fronts and 20 by 10 in the back? Will they fit my 295-35-20 existing rears? Thanks! Looking for either chrome of polished aluminum.

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I have the Niche Lucerne Wheels Chrome Black 20x9 w/265 (Front) and 20x10 w/295 (Rear) Michellin Super Sports all around. Got nothing but compliments on it. As for fitting a 295 on the stock SVT Wheels, have different responses on it if you scour the threads on this forum. It will fit although it's not recommended by manufacturer since original SVT rear wheels are only 20x9.


Enjoy the shopping for new wheels!


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You should check out a set of Razor's. They are available in 20" x 9" and 20" x 10" size from American Muscle. Finishes include chrome, black, and gun metal.


I'd post a link for you but I'm on my phone.



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