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Shelby Bra


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Has anyone purchased the Shelby bra for the GT's and is having problems with the hood piece flipping up (when driving of freeway) and actually pulling the hood pins completely Off? You have to stop and remove the Bra to prevent damage. This happened to me and I found a solution.

To prevent this from happening I sewed a piece of Velcro all the way across the underside of the bra and then took White colored Velcro and attached to the underside of the hood. Now when attached the bra has no way of getting air under it. The bra is make by Coverking.

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the Coverking bra is not the same as the official Shelby bra.

The hood portion has never moved on me.


I can't say anything about the rest of the bra because I have never been able to get it to fit on my front end.


Btw- the bra has never scratched my car. I usually use it when traveling, but might leave it on for a few days if the car is still clean...


What has happened is that the vinyl stripes have a slightly visible mark in them now, as the stripes have faded more over the portion not covered by the bra. So the bra actually protects the vinly stripes too well!


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I have not had any problems with the SPP bra on my 2007 SGT other than that the fit is very, very tight to the point where it is almost impossible to put on and take off. Both pieces of the bra have protected the end and have not left any scratches on the paint after the 4 times I have used it for long trips.

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