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Heard The New (2015/16) Gt350 Was In Las Vegas Last Week


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I received a call today from someone that was at a meeting between Ford dealers and Ford execs held out in Las Vegas other day.


Apparently Ford couldn't stand it any longer and displayed the new GT350 to the folks at the meeting. My source said that it was a silver GT350 with black stripes. He said the car was gorgeous but couldn't recall if the car had any "SHELBY" script.


He thought that the car might be out this year as a 2015 but that timetable still seems questionable.


No photos were allowed, but he felt there was a good chance that one was probably taken by someone.


So boys, do some digging out there and see what you can find out about this meeting and car. Someone has to have a photo.

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Non-disclosure agreements would prevent anyone from discussing. The timing to Barrett Jackson makes me wonder if there won't be something on display in the Ford area.

I read a possible September 19th for preview. See link in the 10th Anniversary Cobra paragraph: http://blog.americanmuscle.com/rumor-is-there-a-2015-shelby-gt500-coming/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=fbpost9162014gt500

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