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Replacing Your Stock Seats With Race Seats

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You have to depower the airbag system, then you just unplug everything under the seat. Once you install the new seats and repower the airbag system you should get an airbag warning light. You can fix this by getting airbag terminator plugs from Ford, but you have to cut them open and solder in a resistor with the proper resistance to trick the computer into thinking the side airbags are still installed.


Here is a link to a site that had the depower instructions.




Also you have to remove the passenger side airbag bladder sensor and seat track sensor and plug those back in under the passenger seat if you replace that with a aftermarket seat as well. You can just ziptie those to the bottom of your new seat and you should be all set.


Here is another link with the terminator plug part number and resistor information, I believe I made a 2 ohm resistor. This should be everything you need to know.




Good Luck!

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