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Grille Housing Help

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Hey Guys Just bought the new and improved grille housing for my 07 Shelby GT. Question. How do you undo the tabs on the housing that's connected to the bumper. It looks like there is a little lever you pull to slide the tab out but I don't want to break anything so I want to ask for advice before I start!


Thank you for your time,




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The tabs you mention are a little awkward to work with, but if you take things slow, the grill housing comes out very easily, with the grill still attached.


The black plastic grill housing has knife-like blades with a notch that fits into the tabs on the front fascia. Remove the top radiator shroud first, then start from one side and work across to the other, (I think there's six total, but I haven't done this in a while), with the grill housing. You may have to use a padded screwdriver to open up the tabs and work the blade out just past the notch, then move on to the next one - don't attempt to pull the housing out until you've released all of the tabs, there should be enough play in the housing to allow this to happen. Once all blades have been released, gently work the housing straight out. You may have to go back and re-release some of the tabs if you allow the housing to slip back toward the engine.



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