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Reverse Gear Grind


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Hi, I am the second owner of a 08 GT500 which currently has 74,000KM (46,000 Miles). The Clutch TBS has been Performed on my car at 25,000KM (15500 Miles). When i received the car at 68,000 KM everything was perfect, no problems. Months later (now) about 1500KM ago, my Rear gear starts to Grind when you shift to it. This is avoidable by first Shifting to 4th Gear which stops the synchro than shifting to Reverse. Right now it don't bother me as i just shift to 4th before i shift to reverse but i am wondering is this a big problem or can it be simply fixed? My Warranty ran out 4 months ago and i haven't taken it in to ford dealer Mechanic. Does anyone have any insight to this problem, It would be much appreciated.

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