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Total Conv.'s

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Does anyone know how many GT350 Conv.'s were built for 2012, 2013, and 2014?

No numbers are available as some cars have not been built yet. Yes even the 2012 GT350 has at least three, if not more, open orders where the owner has not sent in their base Mustang GT.


The 12/31/2013 cut-off date was just the deadline for placing a new GT350 order, it has nothing to do with when the owner will get their car to us or when the car will be completed. As mentioned previously the sales department is putting as much pressure as possible on these "straggler" owners to get their base car to us and finalize their option choices.


And to complicate things even more we have Carroll's cars to consider. Carroll had orders for cars that were not built before his passing but could certainly still be built but that's a decision to be made between SAI, CSI and the CHS Trust.


When the numbers are ready they will be released. We understand the importance of these numbers which is why only accurate final numbers will be released.



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