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United Airlines Family Day 2014


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I receved an Invite to this event from Craig Sackett and was asked to share it with Team Shelby PCR


I went in 2012, nice turn out, Lots of cars, Planes, Food....


Everyone parks on the Tarmac and has to be on the list to get in !!!


This is Fleet Week and the Blue Angles are on the United Property


Attached is a Flyer that MUST be sent in NO later then SEPT. 30th 2014 !!!!!!


FYI once your in you're IN -No in out privlages.... Remember your on the Tarmac !


Time is 11AM - 5PM .... I belive you have to stay untill like 3 or 4pm before you can leave.....


See attached if your interested, should we have enough interest we can put together a Conga Line to the Airport !



Mike :shift::camera::clapping:


P.S. This is what Craig sent:


Hello everyone, please see the attached file for United Airlines 2014 Family Day.


Best Regards,

Craig S. Sackett
Sr. Production Controller- SFOOX
Technical Operations

United Airlines| 800 South Airport Blvd. San Francisco Intl. Airport|San Francisco, CA. 94128-3800

Car invite2014.doc

United Airlines Family Day.pdf

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Some additional info fron United Airlines if you are attending - You must have sent in your form to get access to the area....



I first want to thank you each of you for participating in this year’s car show here at United Airlines Maintenance Facility at SFO International. We are looking forward to seeing each and every one of you. If you are getting this email, then I have received your entry and have a spot held for you. A few things to know before we approach the October 12 show………….

1. There will be NO pictures with any Flight squadron this year. The Blue Angels will not be on property.

2. If you are a part of a car club, PLEASE gather at a predetermined meeting spot and arrive TOGERTHER. And please let us know that you are a group…. so we can park you all together.


3. As a participant, the car gate will open at APPROX. 8am and we MUST have all cars parked on the tarmac no later than 1030am….. So please follow directions ……. And remember the SPEED LIMIT IS 15MPH

4. We have several aircraft that are coming and will be parked all over the tarmac; ALL OF YOU must exercise EXTREME caution while driving and or walking on the tarmac….. PLEASE FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS. The aircraft ALWAYS has the complete right of way!

5. We are here to have a great time and celebrate our United Family day, let’s keep that in mind as there will be many, many children around. NO alcohol, glass bottles, or pets, or anything that may get blown around the tarmac. This primarily refers to the “POP-UP” Tents or canopies. PLEASE MAKE SURE THEY ARE SECURED!!!! This is a VERY windy maintenance base, so please be prepared for possible extreme conditions.


6. Please smoke in designated areas ONLY!!!!!!!!!! ONLY smoke in designated areas!!!!!! GOT IT…PLEASE!!!


7. As a car participant, you are requested and required to park your vehicle, and leave it turned OFF until 430pm….. NO EXCEPTIONS. We will have 20,000+ people walking the tarmac; therefore we do not want anyone to move your vehicle during the show. THIS IS A MUST!!!!!! Please understand our number one priority is SAFETY.


I am looking forward to a great show and seeing all of you this year…. SO LET’S HAVE FUN together…..!!!


Craig Sackett - United Family Day Coordinator

United Airlines| 800 South Airport Blvd. San Francisco Intl. Airport|San Francisco, CA. 94128-3800
Also This Info
Hello everyone, here is a map of the facility, PLEASE line up in the NORTH LOT...... My Staging crew will be there to greet you and get your ready for entering the facility. Again, please familiarize yourself with the facility prior to entrance. Thank you......
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