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Mustang Roundup V

Motorsport Park Hastings


It's Roundup time again!

September 18/19/20/21, 2015


We're again pleased to welcome home Todd Soderquist, a hometown boy, who continues to help make Ford great and loves his Mustangs! See belowwho he's also bringing along from Ford! You'll want to be here for this event. Please pass this information on to your friends in the Mustang community!


You can register here, get more Information on classes, Trophies and the "SCHEDULE"



We just had a Condo Garage become available so if you were wanting to get a great place to stay contact George


Our 2015 guests from Ford.


Todd Soderquist - Global Chief Engineer, Ford Fusion/Mondeo Programs – Todd was the Mustang Product Planning Manager for the Boss 302 and S550 Mustangs before moving to the Fusion/Mondeo Programs. Originally from Hastings, NE, Todd has his two Boss 302 LS #22 from 2012 and 2013 at MPH and will soon call it home to a new Shelby GT350R that we all hope arrives before the Round-up.


Mike Makled - Electrical Engineer for Shelby Programs - Mike Makled, electrical engineer for Shelby programs will be bringing out his personal GT350R. Mike was just featured in the attached article that you may have seen: http://racing.ford.com/series/more-racing/news/articles/2015/07/helby-gt350-gets-racing-inspired-customizable-shift-light-indica.html


Darrell Behmer - Chief Designer for Ford Exteriors is one of the creative geniuses behind most of the S197 and S550 Mustangs. He will be taking to the track in one of his own design projects, his personal Silver Boss 302 Laguna Seca. All of us that get to enjoy the fruits of his labor as we watch him go by. One of many links on Darrell:



Bart Marowelli - New Model Launch Manager – Bart is back again for another year! Last year he showed up in a brand new 2015 Mustang with Track Pack. Can’t wait to see what he brings this year!


Mike Berardi – Director, Ford Customer Service Engineering will be getting a new GT350R to join the rest of his 35+ Mustang fleet including Cobra R’s from 93/95/00, GT500KR, and Bosses from 12/13. We look forward to a virtual tour of his garage during the presentation Friday night!


Chuck Drake –Mustang Vehicle Engineering - Chuck has been a regular at the Mustang Roundup and we sure hope he can make it again this year with his Boss 302. Even better, we hope to see him there with his father and brother in their Boss 302s.


And More – We expect some more surprise VIP guests from Ford in their own one of a kind Mustangs.


This event offers new Road Course Driver Training by TrackGuys, Qualified Driver events including Track Time, AutoCross and Drag Racing. A great Car Show and just spectators too!


Questions? Call or Text George 402-461-8031 or for quick contactganderson68901@gmail.com


More to come from Jeff Lacina and TrackGuys Driving School - Stay Tuned


Please register now to be sure we have your shirts available

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I have to at least get out there to watch those GT 350 R'S. Hearing a new Boss 302, GT 500, SGT, and now a new GT 350 all passing by on the track wide open, is a rare treat for any motorhead, let alone a Mustang nut. This is history in the making.

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