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Exaust Noise Problems After Ford Racing 2013 Tvs Upgrade

Fast Eddy

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I just recently removed my stock supercharger that I had upgraded with a pulley & dyno tune, and installed a new Ford Racing 2013 TVS Supercharger with fuel injectors. I also had the car dyno tuned after words. I have BBK SS X pipe cat backs w/ Steel Works SS exhaust and mufflers. The car also has a JLT cold air intake.

The upgrade to the new supercharger has given me terrific power and my car is running great. However, since the new supercharger was installed, while down shifting, I get the nice rumble I like, but I also get a load popping backfire noise that pisses me off. If I keep the RPM'S less than 2000 it does not happen. Anything over 2000 RPM’S and look out.

My mechanic says it is some fuel that gets blown into the cat backs that is firing. This did not happen prior to changing out my upgraded stock supercharger for the new Ford Racing TVS. Can I remove the cats to eliminate the problem? I just hate that loud backfiring noise. There are no other issues, and again the car is running great.

Please advice.

Thanks, Fast Eddy

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