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I have a 2010 gt500. The tire sticker on the door says r19 tires. My shelby supplement owners manual says zr19. So my local ford dealer replaced the front tires as a courtesy because of an alignment issue with the r rated tires. I can't complain because they were free but they are not 150mph tires, right? They are Goodyear f1 super car tires 245 40 r19. Am I missing something here? I bought it used so I don't know what tires were on it new. If they're supposed to be z rated why doesn't the door sticker indicate that?

Do any of you run the r19s or am I supposed to use zr19?

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The "Z" rating is an "open ended" speed rating I think 150+. If you intend on running it on a track or dragging it you definitely want the high speed rated tires.


The other thing in respect the Goodyears is they are biased towards delivering normal high miles for the tread. Thus, they are hard as hockey pucks. That means at cold temperatures you are running bricks on concrete and they break loose easily. That is the reason for the warning at (I think) "dont' drive this car below 50*F). The Ford GT had the same tires and the same warning. I replaced mine before I even saw it with Bridgestones, but I don't think they make a tire in that size for the GT500. People have reported using a Michelin Pilot Sport tire that is equivalent performance to the Bridgestones. These tires are very near drag radial composition, sticky tires that will collect rocks and gravel on the tire at slow speeds and throw them behind you when you go fast, but they grip the road at colder temps and are superb when the tires and roads warm up. The down side of them is you might only get 5000 miles from a set. To me a $1000 set of tires is a lot better than going a** end around when you accelerate to pass someone on the freeway.


Enjoy :)

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Thanks for the info.

It's surprising to me that the GT didn't have better tires out of the gate.

I'm not going to the track and there's not many cold days here in southern California so I don't need a super high performance tire. I do, however, enjoy the occasional high speed run. So my main concern is, are these tires safe at high speed for very short periods of time?

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