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Didn't Realize My Car Was Worth So Much, And Quite That Rare!

Anton Ruighaver

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Let's see if his is one of three built, Springers and Cougsters must be the only other ones!!! :yahoo:


I think they are saying one of three VB verts with a Kenny Bell SC.... If that's the case it would be the one in the ad, Cougster's and Dig-It (I beleive his was the very first one).

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There isn't one bit of information correct in the first ad. Total bull shit, especially the production figures.

Yup. In fact the owner contacted SAI two years ago asking for production numbers on the GT/SC cars and when told that because the GT/SC package was still in production we had no build numbers he replied rather rudely on his thoughts about Carroll, SAI, the SGT program and the Quantum Performance mod shop.


Strange how his attitude towards this SGT has changed now that he wants $115,000 for it.


If it was me I would pick up a low mile SGT for $24-27k send it to SAI for the GT/SC package upgrade at $12k and pocket the extra $80k Heck with the $80k in savings I might even pick up a 2016 GT350 and still have a few dollars left over.



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I agree that most of the history isn't correct, but while I think the $ is ambitious, I am hopeful he gets it as that will help showcase the value of all of ours. It doesn't help that mine is up for sale at this time too, so I hope all of our cars finally start moving up where they belong. :)

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