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Who Owns The Very First Ford Mustang?


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Isn't the 1st Mustang, the orange with white top the car Richard, from Fast & Loud bought for $60,000 from the little old lady?


No. Although it is a cool car. An unrestored original. I don't know why she sold it to them. She could have gotten a lot more with any broker Edited by twobjshelbys
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From the MOCSEM newsletter about the First Mustang sold..

February 2014 issue...

Here is the web site to view the light blue vehicle.



The Accelerator
Mustang Owners
Club of Southeastern Michigan • PO Box 39088, Redford, MI 48239 • www.mocsem.com
Gail Brown
Wise Mustang Purchase
by Gail and Tom Wise
ail Brown
was at Mustang Memories in 2013 and is a
current MOCSEM member.
On Wednesday, April 15, 1964, I purchased my 1964 ½
Mustang. I was 22 years old and had recently graduated from
Chicago Teachers’ College. I had just obtained my first teaching
job in
the suburbs and needed transportation to travel there. I
was living at home in Chicago with my parents. That night we
went shopping for a new car for me. My folks drove convertibles.
They had a ’49 Ford convertible and a ’57 red and black Ford
that I was used to driving. I knew that I wanted a
convertible. We went car shopping at Johnson Ford on Cicero
Avenue in Chicago. When I told the salesman that I wanted a
convertible, he said he had none on the floor, but to follow him
into the backroom t
o look at something special. There under a
tarp was a “skylight blue” Mustang convertible. One look and I
knew it was for me. This car was sporty; it went zoom, zoom; it
had bucket seats; automatic transmission on the floor; power
steering; turn signals an
d an AM radio. It was AWESOME and I
said “I’ll take it!” The salesman replied, that it was a special car
and it was not to go on sale until Friday, “but” he sold it to me
that night. I paid $3,447.50, more than half a year’s salary. My
teacher’s salary wa
s $5,100. My mom and dad paid for the car
with a check for the full amount with the stipulation that I would
pay them back.
I realized that I had bought something special that night when I
drove it out of the show room. As I drove down the street, people
started waving at me and giving me hi
fives or asking me to slow
down so they could observe the Mustang. I felt like a movie star,
but it was the car everyone was staring at. The next day I drove
the new wheels to school and it was a big hit in the parking
The school was attached to a junior high with seventh and eighth
graders. The boys were hovering over the car and anybody else
who would drive by the parking lot would stop to check it out.
The custodian said, “Miss Brown, I wish I had a nickel for
veryone that looks at your car, because I would be a
millionaire!” That’s how popular the Mustang was for quite a
When Lee Iacocca unveiled the Mustang to the world at the New
York World’s Fair on Friday, April 17, I already had been driving
one fo
r two days! I have fond memories from that time 50 years
ago.As time went on, I married my college sweetheart, and we
had four children. We moved to the suburbs and Tom used the
Mustang as a daily driver until 1979. One day he told me that he
pushed the Mu
stang into the garage because something was
wrong and that he would fix it next week. NEXT WEEK turned
into 27 years. It became a depository for all sorts of things such
as lawn chairs, bicycle parts, etc., and most of the time one
could not tell there was
a car underneath all of the “stuff”. But it
held its space in the garage, even though I would complain that
he should sell it so we could use the area for children’s bikes,
equipment, etc. Instead of selling it, he built an addition on to the
two car gara
ge so he could keep the car. I knew he was serious
about wanting this car.
In 2006 we made a decision to restore the Mustang. Tom
contacted an auto restorer who said that he could do the job.
Tom removed the engine and transmission and all of the other
mponents. All that remained was the basic framework, sheet
metal, wheels and steering wheel when it was trailered to the
restorer. Ten months later the car was returned to us. The car
was then fitted with a new top and interior and the remaining
(bumpers, lights, heater and windshield wipers, etc.)
were re
In 2008 the restoration was complete without any modifications
or alterations. The car appears today as it did the day it was
Tom spent many days researching the Mustan
g stories on the
internet. One story attracted his eye about being the first one
sold on April 16. He checked the date on my sales receipt and
found it was April 15, 1964. He contacted the “Concierge Desk”
at Hagerty Insurance Company about his discovery.
seeing the copy of the sales receipts and hearing the story,
Hagerty Insurance Company employed Mike Mueller, who writes
extensively about Mustangs, to write a story about the car. This
was followed by a story in “Mustang Monthly Magazine” written
Editor Donald Farr.
Today we continue on our path of appearing at antique auto


The Accelerator
Mustang Owners
Club of Southeastern Michigan • PO Box 39088, Redford, MI 48239 • www.mocsem.com
Gail Brown
Wise Mustang Purchase
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I thought the first one belongs to a school reacher somewhere in the Midwest.

Light blue color I believe.

I am not sure on all of the details.

Will see if I can find the original article.

If you read the article, this car is also discussed among others. It's only the first until somebody has paperwork to prove an earlier sale. Odds of somebody just walking into the dealership and purchasing the first Mustang sold is pretty unlikely, but possible until somebody proves otherwise. The Wise car is supposedly the first Mustang sold, not the first Mustang. There's first prototypes, first serial numbers, first sold. Now they are bickering about which serial number was actually made first, etc. There's lots of firsts out there.

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Gail Wise's purchase is the first sold, since the dealer sold it 2 days before they were supposed to be for sale. But the VIN on her car in in the 9000s, so it's not even close to the first one made. My '64 1/2 VIN is 3219, with a guestimated build date of Mar 23, so it makes my car older than hers, but I don't know when it was bought (I'm the 3rd owner).

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