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Company Building Electric Shelby Daytona

David Hawkins

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I didn't see where they mentioned what year Pebble Beach the debut took place. I saw one like this at the Friday Night Race Legal drag races (San Diego Qualcomm Stadium) in 2007 or 2006. It seemed to be carefully put together, but the whole thing seems like a charm for a very expensive bracelet (c.f.: Jay Leno).

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This was not built by a SAI Dealer so wishing it was a different doner car doesn't work. It was ordered and sold thru DenBeste in northern California to the tech company in SF who then did the designed work and install


There are 10 CSX 9000 coupes on order for this company with an additional 90 cars planned


Looks allot better then a Volt or a Tesla.............

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Saw this on CNN yesterday - this is the exact idea I've been germinating for a while. Don't have the funds to build one yet. Also was looking more at the Factory Five cars as a base


So, 100 cars @529K apiece; wonder what their investment cost is.

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