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Up Dated Clutch And New Trans Installed 2008


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From the day i drove my car off the lot the clutch had the hanging clutch issue. SVT saw my posting and got in touch with me and they had Ford installed a new clutch and an 08 new trans. That clutch lasted me 29,000 miles till i replace it with a Mcloyd RXT last month, it was pricey, but does have a peddle that is much softer to handle. The other day I noticed some trans oil on the floor and took the car back to power by the hour. They said that my new trans was not so new, the reason for the leak was a seal between the bell housing and trans, they said it was not an original seal and it had been opened and resealed and that was ware the leak was, so I had them take the trans down and reseal and install two new seals(front and back), as they were not leaking but as most of you know luck would happen and they would leak and cost me another pricey repair.

So I was wondering if any one that had a new trans installed had this issue too?

My car has 40,000 and not a drip of anything ever, till last week.

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