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Fun With A 2014 Nissan Gtr This Weekend

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I don't usually race on the tollway, but when I do, I give Nissan GTRs a run for the money! I was heading home after a quick trip to IKEA this weekend when I stumbled upon a brand new, white Nissan GTR snarling through the congested traffic. I tailed him for a short time and when we both peeled off to get on to the toll road he got on it. It wasn't a proper race by any means, due to some light traffic and being nightfall, but we were in triple digit speeds in very short order. Long story short, I ended up pulling on him -- twice. I was standing on the throttle and shifting furiously at 6,100 RPM. A quick glance at the speedometer and I was at 150mph a couple times (I have no top speed limiter) before shutting it down. The third and last time, he finally got away. It was a hell of a sight to see his tail pipes light up with flames bursting out. He ended up following me off the tollway before finally asking me to pull over to see what the hell just bit him. We were both high on adrenalin so it was an awkward conversation but basically he stood there with his girlfriend -- both in complete disbelief while he asked me about my car. He mentioned that he had to switch to high boost (whatever that means) on the last run. I spotted Toyo R888s on all four wheels and noticed a gnarly exhaust note on his car. I'm guessing it wasn't 100% stock either. Anyway, I thanked him for the spirited driving, wished them a good evening and rode off into the darkness.

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Those adventures are fun when you have the right sort of guy in the other car. He's probably not used to running into another car that can keep pace.

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I'd imagine it wasn't quite stock; not as if I've owned anything in the above story, but GT-R's are great for off the line launching with all its goodies. When you are going this fast already, it actually isn't shocking it couldn't hold off the Shelby. However, the impressive part to me would be noone chickened out over 150mph :hysterical: . Guess you should go ahead and hunt down some Vette's now.

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