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Getting The Power Down


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Well I've been posting lately about adding more power but what I should be asking is how I can put my existing power down....


My problem, if it is one, is that I never feel like I can totally put all the power down until I am well on the move. Forget first gear, in second and even third I have to be quite progressive with the throttle to avoid breaking traction.


Also sometimes I feel like I am experiencing torque steer, for example if I am entering a main road via an on-ramp and am already doing 40-60 mph. If I give it a lot of throttle I sometimes feel the right hand side kind of dip down or go a bit soft momentarily. I have gotten a bit more used to it but it is there sometimes.


I can put a lot of its' power down but what I am really saying is I never feel like I can put it all down. I feel I run it under its' true potential and it could be even more impressive if I can get the power down.


It could just be that it's just a lot of torque to be putting through 2 tyres on the street but there are people on here with much more power and torque who must be putting it down OK.


I am just wondering if it's just something like relocation brackets for the LCAs that I need?


I have the stock UCA but I tried a BMR one and it transmitted too much harshness through the car for my liking.


Any ideas? It isn't a huge problem really but it would be nice to drive it a bit harder with out feeling like I should be ready to "catch it" when I give it to it..


Obviously this is on smooth roads and in the dry: I try not to take it out in the wet and if I get caught out I drive like an old Lady then! Also on rough roads I am very careful.


I do understand it isn't a car to really throw around on the street and I am quite happy with that...


My car is a 2007 GT500 with Brenspeed 100+ RWHP kit (pulley and tune).


My suspension setup consists of:


FRPP springs and shocks (apparently the same as 2011/2012 GT500 with Performance package option).

BMR adjustable panhard bar and brace (adjusted correctly)

BBR billet LCAs.


My tires are stock and in fact most likely the originals from new as I still have quite low miles.



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I switched to the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres from the hockey pucks and it was the first time I thought about more power. Other wise the old GYs had instant wheel spin.

I used to get the feeling of a side to side shifting feeling on ramps, I now think that was a lost of traction.

I am using the Relocation brackets on my lowered set up. 2008 car.

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Lose the Goodyears. If those are stock they're 7 years + old now. They may have tread, but the tires are beyond their useful time period. They won't explode on you while driving, but they're not going to hook either. I can't tell you how many threads I read daily on GT500/Mustang forums about "putting the power to the ground" and "stopping wheel hop" and everyone is on the stock Goodyears. When I bought my car it was bone stock suspension but had Nitto NT555's, I've never struggled to put power down and have never experienced wheelhop. Changing out your tires is the fastest, easiest, and one of the best changes you can make to improve handling and traction on your car. I'd strongly urge you to get new tires and re-evaluate it's performance levels before chasing more suspension parts.

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Thanks, some good suggestions here. Even though I think I posted in the wrong forum it may have turned out to be the right one as tires are probably the thing.


I've ordered LCA brackets anyway as they probably can't hurt but it looks like rear tires at least are on the cards.


I must say in cold temperatures my car was spinning at the slightest provocation even before I added the pulley and tune. I couldn't believe the difference in summer when the temperatures were higher.


Cheers again, Malc

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Just replaced the stock Hockey Pucks with Toyo T1R Proxes. Rears are the right size but fronts are slightly lower profile: 40 profile instead of 45 and you actually can see the slight difference.


Only driven about 3 miles but thought the ride may be slightly smoother.


First chance I'll get to do some miles will be Friday so will keep you posted, Regarding "getting the power down" in general I have also ordered LCA brackets and a Watts Link - both on the way...



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