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Best Natural Mods V. Supercharger For 2007 Sgt

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I know down the road I want a supercharger... Whipple v. Paxton (SAI v. Brenspeed) thats another discussion. The plan was to get a supercharger this winter but in order to keep my boss (wife) happy I agreed to purchase a 2000-2003 mustang for my 16yr old son as his first car and our first project car. So with the extra cash I need/WANT to do something for next year....


Work already completed... KOOKS LT's with catted H Pipe, Dyno Tech Aluminum Driveshaft, and SCT X3 Programmer (Brenspeed Tune)


I am thinking I want to...


1. FRPP 4.10 gears

2. Detroit Rocker Cams Supercharged and Phaser Bolts

3. Steeda Underdrive Pulleys and Steeda Delete Plates

4. Steeda CAI Intake Elbow

5. FRPP 62mm Throttle Body


Is there anything you guys would do different? Meaning should I just save my money and put it towards the supercharger?




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I agree with Jason, maybe the 4:10's but the last three on the list will just wind up getting replaced anyway when you go with the Supercharger. Use that money toward brakes or a watts link to help plant the arse end on those bumpy corners. Problem with brakes is "what will fit behind your wheels"....

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