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3.73 Change-What Do I Need To Purchase From Sa

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A great tech is needed. If your gears are spot on, they will howl. I've spoken to a few techs a SAI that said you can even get a bad set of gears that will howl. Just search gear whine or howl.


A great option is to order a complete new rear assembly. I think I read you can get a complete rear for $1400 and it is the same one used on the Boss 302.


Good luck and keep is posted!

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I'm thinking I need a 3.73 rear end for my 07 Shelby GT/SC w/billet watts link. What do I need to purchase from SA besides the gears? All comments about past experience would be appreciated.


Ratech gear install kit (shims, etc…). I believe the part number is RA10.

Depending on your mileage and overall car wear, you may also elect to replace your wheel bearings, since you will then have easy access to pull the axles. Those are available from Ford.


And, yes, a GREAT tech is a must.



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