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Help E-85/octane Fuel Package

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above youll see a link to a selection of fuel packages...


Honestly, i have no idea about fuel, if i need bigger lines, if i need regulators and computers or what. All i know is ill be at mid 700 rwhp on 91 octane and high 800 rwhp on e-85.


What do i need to be safe and run that? i just bought 105lbs/hr injectors. I plan to run a return style system. can i get away with 2 pumps with 455 pumps? can i get away with 3 pumps 345 walbros? do i need y blocks? do i need to really spend over $2,000 on this just to have enough?


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Alcohol in the fuel increases the octane rating (E85 is usually considered 100-110) at the expense of energy per unit volume. That is why you have to increase fuel flow and why the effective MPG of alcohol enhanced fuels goes down. Alot.... If you have a E85 computer it will adjust the fuel mix in real time. Most of the "tunes" set it and forget it so you will run rich on regular E10 or less and burn fuel.


Know your manufacturer...

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i know about the benefits to the costs of e85...


im trying to find out what i need for a package, hoses blocks rails pumps regulators etc.


im aiming to go with fore innovations as ive talked to the owner, he dislikes e85 but understands its potential. hes trying to make a new system where its easy to change fuel in the tank too.

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I run -10 supply hose to a Y-block, then -8 supply hose to each fuel rail independently. The return hoses of each fuel rail is -8 to the pressure regulator mounted close by. The return line from the pressure regulator to the tank is -10. This guarantees that each injector has optimum pressure and volume under all engine load conditions. The large -10 return line guarantees no restriction is caused by using a smaller line size when compared to supply side. This again helps the regulator maintain a consistent pressure at the fuel rails/injectors no matter what the engine load or conditions are. To run E85 at I would use 3 Walbro 465 pumps with a controller to turn off 2 pumps when the engine is being driven during low load conditions. The 2 secondary pumps will come on as soon as the controller sees boost to maintain the volume needed for the power being produced. This is overkill for your Hp goals, but it would allow you to grow without ever having to modify the fuel system again. I'd also consider the ID1300 injectors over the ID1000 injectors. The ID1300 are made specifically for use with E85 and have all internal parts made of stainless steel to handle any possible moisture contamination from the fuel. E85 loves to absorb moisture from the atmosphere. This system will easily allow you to achieve 1200RWHP without any problems


The biggest worry is what hose brand you use. Everybody wants to use Aeroquip Starlite Racing Hose this does have a permeation rate that is much higher than a PTFE teflon lined hose. Unfortunately all but one brand of the PTFE lined hose available on the market is a stainless steel braid cover. Between the PTFE liner and stainless braided cover this causes issues with very large bend radius-es in an engine bay with very little room. Pegasus Racing makes a PTFE lined hose with an aramid cover that is approved for fuel use by the NHRA that has much shorter bend radius. But it is 3 times more expensive than Starlite hose. To use the Starlite hose, means that you have to put up with the permeation of fuel vapor through the hose and the car smelling of fuel at all times when it is in an enclosed area. You may even have to put up with it in the interior of the car while driving. I would spend the extra for the Pegasus hose and fittings to rid myself of this problem. Also the Pegasus hose with the PTFE liner will outlast the Starlite hose. The Starlite hose will start to degrade internally after 4 to 5 years, where the PTFE won't.



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