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Lowering My 08

Tommy Hodge

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Depends on what you're looking for



I have the FRPP springs also, and I love them, but they don't even the car front to rear like some other spring packages



meaning that they retain a little bit of rake, as they lower the car the same amount at all 4 corners so the rear stays a little higher then the front.



Eibach, I believe, makes a good spring set that will lower the rear more then the front so the car ends up even.



After that you'll want to at least center your rear axle with an adjustable panhard bar and check your front camber settings and adjust if necessary



with either camber bolts or camber/caster plates. Here's a side pic of my 08 sitting on the FRPP springs:



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I am looking to lower my 2008 GT500. Is there a setup or is widely recommended? Thanks in advance!

Hi Tommy

My name is Rob Hodge from the UK

I had the Eibach set up with my SS upgrade love the springs, you can adjust them to what suits you

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If you're looking to do it on a budget you can't go wrong with the GT500 KR spring/shock setup from Ford Racing. Picked mine up for $189 + shipping for springs, shocks, and new hardware to bolt it all in. Like many of the Ford setups though it does leave you with some rake front to rear, but reduces it from the factory amount to some degree. On factory wheels my rear axle is a hair off center, but it doesn't lower it enough to cause rubbing issues. Depending on your wheel/tire setup though this may be more of an issue.


First pic after install and a couple weeks driving. Springs may have settled a bit more since this photo.



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