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Shelby Gt Under Hood Dress Up

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I am a new member and I really do not know where to post wanted items. So I am choosing this form to start. I am looking for the engine caps, Shelby Made that Say Shelby GT on them. Make for OIL cap, radiator, brake etc. If anyone has a line on some please let me know. Shelby Parts are totally out of them. Also I do not know how to work the shout box. I seem like I cannot locate the spot to open it. Thanks.

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Awww now you're just teasing him ShelbyKR664, LOL!!!! :lol: In all seriousness though I can understand why you want to hold onto them since they're hard to come by these days.




Unfortunately as you know, the current line of engine caps have been discontinued and are mostly unavailable nowadays. I feel your pain. I bought my 07SGT from the original owner about a year ago and had trouble getting all these as well. The only "Shelby GT" cap I was able to acquire was the radiator cap. I was able to get the generic "Shelby" caps for everything except the oil cap; for that one I had to settle for the generic Scott Drake oil cap (SD manufactured the Shelby engine caps. The only difference is they're Shelby branded). All in all I'm satisfied with the result - The "Shelby GT" caps aren't much different from the generic Shelby caps except that they say "Shelby GT" so the theme is consistent. The Scott Drake oil cap just says "Oil" but the lettering and graphics are similar to the Shelby versions of the caps so it still fits.


In Short, my best advice is you will probably just have to "settle" for the Scott Drake caps. I say "settle" cause while they're not Shelby branded, they still look fantastic and fit the car perfectly. Good luck to you!

Also, I've heard it mentioned that Shelby is currently working on a new generation of engine caps and some other parts that have been discontinued (the Shelby GT brake duct bezels for example) but no indication on when they will actually be released. Jer was always great on keeping us up to date on that stuff as much as he was allowed to, but unfortunately he's no longer with Shelby so no telling when they will be released. God I miss having Jer there :)

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