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Brief Summer Road Trip


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I live in Western Kentucky, actually, Western Kentucky doesn't start until you cross the Tennessee River, but most folks over here don't know that anything exists past Kentucky Lake (TN river). Nevertheless, I grew up in the "river" counties of Kentucky that border the mighty Mississippi. This past weekend we decided we'd take a jaunt down that way into Northwest Tennessee, specifically to the Reelfoot Lake area. If you don't know the history of Reelfoot Lake, look it up, it's fascinating and too lengthy for me to go into here. So, the main attractions at Reelfoot are fishing and hunting. I go for fish--eating them, not catching them. The area has some of the best catfish eating in the country! I just about foundered on fried catfish filets Friday night! Lakeview or Boyette's are my favorite places to founder!


But, here's the gold nugget for the weekend. We stopped in at Discovery Park America, in Union City, TN. It's a combination historical display and children's science museum. Amazing! Outdoor exhibits cover pioneer days through the golden age of passenger train service. Indoors you'll find dinosaur skeletal exhibits, local history dioramas, earthquake simulators (important to the region), and a transportation display that features a '68 (I believe) GT 500 KR and an original Cobra roadster--as well as a superbird, Viper and a variety of military vehicles. It's really a cool place and the admission for adults is only $13.95! If you have an afternoon to kill, it's worth the drive. The aforementioned catfish, I mean lake, is only about 30 more minutes down some lovely Mississippi bottom farmland roads--all paved, of course!


From home to Union City, Reelfoot Lake, back through Paris Landing (on KY Lake) to Ft. Donaldson National Battlefield Park, to Clarksville and home--367 miles at an average of 19.8 mpg. Not bad for a 500 horse car. I'm still amazed at it's ability to idle along as we cruise places like the National Park in 90+ temps and HIGH humidity, with the a/c pumping and it never over heats, stumbles or grumbles.......but it sure does like it back on the highway when I open her up!


Finally, I have to tell you about my encounters leading up to this road trip.....I went Thursday night to fill it up and on the way from my business, I cut it loose, running sideways most of the way through first and second. It was a hoot. I'm back in an industrial area and there was nobody home but me and had the road to myself. I pull out on the main highway and in less than 1/4 mile a Charger comes gunning up along side. I can see the "Daytona" striping and let him go have his fun. About a 1/2 mile later I make a left turn onto another main road and a late model white Mustang makes a right from the opposing traffic onto the same road. He snakes through traffic to get along side of me and I can see the 5.0 badge on the fender. It's tempting but there's quite a bit of traffic and a RR crossing about a 1/4 ahead that will tear the oil pan off my car if I hit it at speed. So, once again I let him go and have his fun. He wheels into the same parking lot where I go for gas and disappears. I'm still grinning from my burnout fun and the "challenges" as I start to pump my gas and the next car at the gas station is a local KY State Policeman. I ask him how he likes his new Chevy patrol car and he says, ok, we'll see how well they hold up. The Crown Vic's were bullet proof tough, but this one is easier to run cars down with. Then he said, speaking of which, I'd hate to try to run you down in that. Cool car man, really cool.


I love this car!


Maybe I'll post pics later, if I can remember how!

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