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Shelby Kicker Instructions? 3 Red Wire Plug Goes To What? Amazing!


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I have a Shelby kicker complete system without install instructions. They use to be on here (shelby store sends you to forum but instructions removed) does anyone have them or made a copy of the PDF? Having a hell of a time finding them on the net too. Have a 2009 GT500 with the shaker 500 nav.


Just got it all together and there is a white plug with 3 red wires coming out of the kicker amp, what does that go to? Getting no sound from front or rear 6/8 speakers only base. Hhhhhm, help.


Ok made my own harness and system is in, also took the time to lay some Dynomat. Holy batman, the system sounds better then some multi thousand dollar systems I've had. This mod I highly recomend to anyone! Best part is no space has really been wasted or taken up by system. Of course the power sub takes just the corner edge of the trunk, but that isn't much. Love it! Thanks for the info on the red wires white plug. Wow, hats off to Kicker!

Thanks Mark

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It doesn't cover it in the installation manual I have from Shelby very well but if I understand the one you are talking about correctly, you should have another smaller harness with an inline fuse holder in it (re. pic - harness on the right). This smaller harness also has a connector that is not assembled. Just push the pins into the connector, close the cover and attach to the other harness. This is the power for the amp. Sorry for the crappy pic's used my phone to take them. Hope this helps.


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