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Rip James Garner

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As you may have heard James Garner passed away this week. He was 86.



I always went out of my way to watch anything he was in. It started with Maverick, a whole bunch of movies, including Stalag 17 and Grand Prix, then back to TV with the Rockford Files, and all sorts of other movies and TV shows along the way.

Today I got an email (via Bondurant Racing school) of Bob's recolloction of "Jim". Bob was Garner's driving teacher for the movie. Here is a pointer


So long Brett Maverick!

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Thanks for sharing the link to the Bondurant article on Jim Garner. It is always painful when we lose Great people that we have grown up with vicariously via TV, Movies, and Sports.

Great memories, he leaves a wonderful legacy of wonderful film and TV!


RIP James Garner!

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Jim Rockford and Clint Eastwood in my book are two of a kind and will always be my absolute favorites.


The Rockford Files theme song is one of those songs that makes me feel all happy inside!!! Always has...always will.


I have seen most of the Rockford reruns but never get tired of him and Rocky and Dennis.


The last time that a death of an individual in the limelight affected me like this, was when we lost Tim Russert at NBC.




R.I.P. Jim

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