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Make And Model Details

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Ford Shelby GT500 KR.


Built by Ford, sent straight to Shelby American for the KR conversion.


No model code, but a model number. Each KR is numbered and that number is placed on an aluminum dash plaque and an engine compartment plate, i.e.


CSM No. 08KR0754 which stands for Carroll Shelby Motors, 2008 King of the Road #754.


They also attach a blue sticker in the driver's side door jamb which notes the conversion and a blue sticker in the engine compartment which notes the traction control modification.


Shelby American builds the AC Cobras from scratch, but they're built by hand. So, they are not a MFG like the big three.



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Supposedly, SHELBY is the "manufacturer on record", meaning that to some it's recognized as a Shelby, not a Ford, even though Ford built most of the car. I guess that Shelby had agreed to get some government (EPA, DOT -?) certifications done in their name for the KR conversion. So technically, I think that the KR is a "Shelby GT500KR" (how dare you call it a Mustang... :), but that depends on what agency (or enthusiast group) you're talking to.


And yeah, for export you're better off calling it a Ford, or people will just get confused. To anyone that doesn't know or like Mustangs... it's just another Mustang; the really uncaring don't even know it was from Ford, and likely never heard of Shelby...other than being the brand of chili fixins sold in the brown box.

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Can you people tell me the correct make and model details for a KR.


MAKE: Is it Ford or Shelby?

MODEL: Mustang or GT500KR?


Is there a Model Code?


Is Shelby American a vehicle manufacturer like Ford or Chrysler?





I'll check my paperwork later when I get home.

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