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12' Check Engine Code Po302

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Just a question if anyone have experienced this with their car? But can anyone tell me if I can use these Plugs (NGK BR7EF) or which ones you suggest would be best fit for my set up?

'13 TVS supercharger with a 2.4" pulley ,JLT 127 Carbon Fiber intake, Afco dual fan heat exchanger, Ford Racing 65mm throttle body

Larger intercooler tank, 170 degree thermostat, Magnaflow muffler deletes, Dynamics 72 lb injectors

With this set-up, the car dyno'd at 672 rwhp and 656 rwtq.


Right now I have the Ford Platanium spark plugs and have gotten 2 seperate missfires Code PO302 on #2 cylinder and wanted to know your thoughts? First time I checked that cylinder and looked like coil pak was loose and did a physical of the plug and looked good? Checked plug as I read on some forums off craked plug for that code? But it look good?

Yeterday It happen again but I didn't take plug out and plan to do so today when I get home from work. I only checked the coil pak which was tightly in tact. Wondering if I just have a bad plug or bad coild pak? any suggestion would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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