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Battery Size?

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As usual my Motorcrap battery died and not even going to waste time charging it or getting it checked out and will just replace it with an Optima battery


Anyone know off hand what size Optima Red top battery will fit in the 2013 GT350?

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Yes I'm sure its still under warranty but why bother eventually will happen again. Current generation of Mustangs just eat these Motorcraft batteries and its not an everyday driver. You should not have to put a battery tender on a 2013


Optima's website may be the worst of any company so unless you know the size of your battery tray and what will fit you are guessing as the Optima's are not the same size as factory

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If your car sits for any length of time unused and there is a current draw the battery tenders that are out there today can help. You can leave a good one hooked up and if it has the latest setup with a computer setup it will know when to help fight sulfation in the battery... Also you can hook it up directly to the battery and have it plug in, out in front below the grille or next to the grille...

It will also keep your battery fully charged for when you need it. If it was mine I would go to the Ford dealer and see if they give you a new one and then I would hook up a battery tender. Shelby also sells a model that is part of the latest technology.

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