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Have To Yank It Into 2Nd From First, Or Down Shifting Into 2Nd?

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I've been on another couple forums but just want to get everyones opinon is this is bothering the heck out of me.


Past 20mph, not even driving hard, 2nd gear turns into a huge annoyance, it's as if instead of just popping in like butter when not moving, it becomes a 2-step process (CLICK-CLICK) and you literally have to YANK it into 2nd, same with down-shifting into 2nd.


I've heard of a lot of 1-2 problems, but this happens when not really getting on it (as well as getting on it, getting on it you have to force the thing big time), say if I downshift into 2nd @ 20-30mph, I have to really PULL it into 2nd, not moving it goes back and forth with no problem what so ever.


IS this the actual 1-2 problem everyone is talking about or something else? As mine does it going from 3rd to 2nd as well, and I feel like over-time this is for sure going to damage it, aside from being annoying as well.

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This "notchy" shift characteristic is normal for the TR6060 transmission. I contacted Tremec about this soon after I bought my car (mid year 2012) and that is what they told me. The transmission uses heavy duty hardware that contributes to increased rotating inertia and thus a perceived ‘notchy’ feel in the shift action. The short throw shifter adds to the increased shifting effort. They also said the all shifts with this heavy duty transmission must be "firm and deliberate." It is the nature of the beast. Changing the fluid to Mobil 1 ATF will help. It is the only synthetic fluid tested and approved by Tremec (at least at the point in time I contacted them).

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I had the first to second shift problem in my 2012 GT500. I took it to Surprise Ford in Surprise, AZ and they rebuilt it under warranty. They replaced first and second gear as well as the first/second synchro assembly and the third/fourth synchro assembly. I works better than new. However, a firm and deliberate hand is an absolute necessity, just as IngotSilverSnake said.


Be safe. Have fun. Share the experience.

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