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Wrong Clutch Assembly - Update

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Finally, after almost 2 months, my dealer replaced the clutch with a 2010 (It WAS a 2009 clutch that the first installed back in 2011). All was done under warranty.


The service manager said that, in order for Ford to replace it again under warranty, they had to be sure that the clutch has "worn out" and was not "burned". When the technician pulled out the transmission,(I was there), the inside of the clutch hub was covered with black dust (similar to brake dust) and quite a lot fell on the floor. The service manager said that this was typical of what he called "a self destroyed clutch" and that it will be covered by Ford. They installed a 2010 clutch, flywheel et all (I seen it before being installed).


The difference is unbelievable!!! The new clutch is sooo smooth.!!!









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