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Hi all a little help needed. I recently bought a 2010 GT500 and am going to do the VMP 2.5" pulley and tune. I also have a 2013 F150 Ecoboost that i bought a SCT SF3 part #3015 for and dont really like the tunes on the truck. My question is could I have VMP email me a tune for the Shelby and I put it on that tuner after I return the truck to stock? Or do I need to buy the X3 or X4 tuner for it to work on the car? Just trying to save a few bucks here and if I can use the SF3 on the Shelby I might as well do that as I dont think I will put a tune on the truck again.


Thanks in advance.

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Good morning, sir. I have put both Bama and Jon Lund tunes on my SCT and never was an issue. All the tuner asks for is the set# of your tuner. Now, whether they will cross from one vehicle to another is a different question. There's the whole "return to stock" thing, and whatever else the magic elves of programming have going on. I think the best course of action would be to simply contact who you are intending to get the tune from, and ask them. Either it is doable or not, most probably based on both technical and business ($) considerations.



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